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    Valet Podium – No Hooks

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High quality valet podiums for sale at Valet Box.

Don’t miss out on discount pricing on our top-selling valet podiums! We’ve got our top-of-the line, American-made podiums on sale now.

All of our valet podiums are built to last, with doors and shelves made out of 16-gauge formed electro-galvanized sheet metal, which offer durability and a long life. We offer a variety of capacities to suit your needs, from no hooks to 100 hooks; and each of our long-lasting, professional-looking podiums are for sale in a variety of colors in a 2-part semi-gloss polyurethane to withstand heavy use and demanding weather. From a classic black finish to a bold yellow, eye-catching silver, or rich forest green (and more), we have the capacity, and the look, to keep your parking attendants well-equipped and your parking lot looking as professional as every other aspect of your business.

Of course, sturdy parts can only make a strong whole if they’re well connected, which is why all of our podiums feature a continuous stainless steel piano hinge and a heavy-duty cam lock to secure the door. We also use 3” locking, heavy-duty swivel casters to keep your podium in place when it needs to be.

Valet podiums, also called valet kiosks or attendant podiums, need to withstand heavy use. That’s why all of our products feature formed-steel construction and are made here in the USA, where we can ensure the highest quality materials and workmanship. Together with our peerless customer service, our valet podiums and parking attendant accessories set us apart from our competition, and can help you stand apart from yours.

Valet Box has been making high-quality valet parking equipment for over a decade, and we’re dedicated to offering you the best products, for less than our competitors.

About Valet Box

Valet Box is the leading manufacturer in valet parking equipment offering high strength, welded steel construction podiums and key boxes.

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The materials used in our products, along with our workmanship and high quality standards allow us to offer our customers a more durable, long lasting product than any other product in the market today.