Key Box Locks

Keep your client’s car keys secured with key box locks from Valet Box.

Whether you’re replacing worn out valet box parts or simply upgrading to a more secure lock, Valet Box has you covered with the best locks for sale. We offer both electronic combination locks, for maximum security, as well as keyed slam-action cam locks.

Electronic combination locks provide a substantial level of security over standard keyed locks; they can be programmed with up to nineteen separate user codes and one supervisor code, giving you the ability to carefully manage access to your valet podiums and key cabinets. If your key box is visible to the public, then the electronic combo locks carry the added benefit of conveying a heightened sense of security and professionalism. These fully resettable, programmable key box locks also offer up to 75,000 cycles on a single set of batteries, and have a low-battery indicator, meaning you spend less time swapping out batteries.

Our slam action cam locks, alternately known as self-locking slam cam or slam-action key locks, lock automatically whenever the valet podium or key box is closed, offering a higher level of security than a tradition, universal cam lock, which requires a key turn to lock. The spring-loaded locking mechanism offers an additional benefit over the traditional, rotating cam lock: over time, traditional cam locks will sometimes become misaligned and the catch becomes less secure. Slam-action cams stay in place and the catch simply pulls inward away from the latch, giving them added stability. Keep your guests’ keys as secure as possible with the highest-quality key box locks available, from Valet Box.

About Valet Box

Valet Box is the leading manufacturer in valet parking equipment offering high strength, welded steel construction podiums and key boxes.

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