What to Look for in a Prospective Valet

Like with any job where an employee is interacting with a client, customer service of a prospective valet is a must. An unprofessional or rude valet can hurt the bottom line of the business. Just look at the reviews for The Brown Derby Plaza Valet for an example of how users can become quite vocal about a bad experience.

Valet taking keys from driver

Any valet you hire should have some prior experience on the job, or at least some customer service experience in the past that you can look at to assess the skill the future employee has. If they have none, keep looking.

It is better to know that you are hiring a quality candidate then to hire someone only to have to fire them after the bad reviews pile up. While an employee can be fired, the reviews are permanent.


There is a saying, “Dress as if you already have the job”.  A driver should have a professional look when they come to interview for the job. If the interviewee is dressed too casually, this should set off alarm bells. While many valets have a uniform policy, an interviewee should come in wearing something that would be appropriate for your business. This is a sign of maturity.

If someone comes in looking slightly unkempt, how much of that will transfer to the job once they have been working there for some period of time. How much are you willing to risk hiring someone that wont put the effort in to maintain a professional look.

A driver should be knowledgeable and experienced handling both automatic and manual transmissions.  It would be a bonus if they have dealt with higher end vehicles in their past, as well.

Every driver for your company should be ready to submit to a background check and DMV records as well as the names of their main social media accounts so you can catch any issues before you think about hiring the driver.

7 Crucial Steps to Start Your Valet Parking Business: Valet Parking Equipment & Key Considerations

Close up of woman receiving car key from car salesperson of a new car she has bought.

This entry was updated on October 25, 2019.

Receiving car key of a new car.

Starting a valet parking business is an excellent opportunity to expand your career. As with any business, you need to follow a series of steps to make it successful. According to Ed Ryder of Real Valet Control, these steps include the following.

Buy Professional Valet Parking Equipment.

A disorganized valet parking stand increases risk of errors in returning cars to customers. Meanwhile, valet key cabinets that do not lock increase the likelihood of theft. Valet parking equipment should reflect the values of the clients you wish to attract. Your stand should be easy to identify, and your key cabinet must lock. This will build trust among your staff and customers as well.

Identify Potential Venues for Valet Parking Services.

Look for high-class venues that will offer valet services. Prove your experience as a valet attendant, and be willing to negotiate contract terms.

Create a Compensation Model That Benefits Valet Attendants and Customers.

Many valet services use a tip-based compensation model. Moreover, some customers may forget to tip drivers. Set a standard wage, and make sure the charge includes tips. This speeds up the process when retrieving vehicles and makes customers feel empowered.

Work With a Professional for Marketing and Branding.

Your marketing efforts should capture customers’ attention, and your brand needs to be recognizable. Although you may understand your goals in customer service, hire a professional marketer.

Set Aside Funds for Insurance.

Insurance will be one of your biggest expenses. Keep between $5,000 and $25,000 in cash reserves for use in the event an accident occurs.

Be Willing to Work.

If you will offer services around the clock, consider hiring as-needed employees. This will help with call-ins, but you should be ready to work if no one is available to cover an evening or night shift.

Vet All Applicants.

Check each applicant’s credentials, background and experience. Qualified attendants should have a strong work history and positive remarks from previous employers.

Starting your valet parking business sounds fun and simple. In reality, you need to think about these seven points to get headed in the right direction. To discuss your options for valet parking equipment, call Valet Box at (888) 419-1761. You may also request an online quote at your convenience.

Four Major Factors When Choosing Your Valet Parking Equipment

Valet Parking sign above entrance to garage at night, with copy space at top

This entry was updated on October 25, 2019.

Valet Parking sign above entrance to garage at night, with copy space at top

Your valet parking equipment is the backbone of your business. A valet company relies upon its equipment for customer service, efficiency, security, and reliability. The wrong equipment will lead to poor service, while the right equipment will enable your staff members to offer only the best experience to your clientele. When looking for new equipment or upgrades, consider these four major factors first.

Ease of Use

What defines “ease of use”? Valet equipment should make the entire process of serving the customer as fast and simple as possible. The faster the process is, the happier the customers will be. The simpler the process is, the less likely employees are to make mistakes. In short, ease of use defines the ability of the equipment to meet your company’s needs with the least amount of work possible.


Obviously, it’s important to find a product that fits within your budget. But that doesn’t mean you can go for the cheapest possible equipment. You need to balance the quality of the item against its cost. Make a list of the minimum requirements and features that you have for equipment and try to find the solution that is most affordable within that range.


When you’re managing dozens of vehicles at a time, you need to make sure that they are kept completely secured. Modern vehicles often have key fobs that allow for electronic unlocking. Convenient for customers, but it can be dangerous, too: if someone steals those keys from your kiosk, they can easily find the car that they belong too. Your valet parking equipment has to allow for the easy and complete physical security of keys and any other related items.


A valet business has very few points of contact with its clientele. The valet parking equipment, and the appearance thereof, will affect the appearance the customer’s first impressions. It’s also incredibly important for a business to live up to the appearances of the valet location; otherwise it will be difficult to expand.

There are many additional factors that can go into valet parking equipment, such as scalability, or advanced technology functions. The better your valet parking equipment is, the better your reputation will be. It will be easier than ever to grow, expand, train new staff members, and procure more locations. For more information about the best in valet equipment, contact Valet Box today.