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Find high quality parking supplies for all of your valet needs.

Provide your facility with the best in valet parking accessories and safety-first traffic control from Valet Box. T-Top Delineators are favored over traffic cones because they are easier to move around; ours have both a T-top carry handle and a lower handhold grip, as well as better recesses to protect the reflective tape over time. They’re also certified as crashworthy, so they’ll stand up to even the busiest of parking lots. For more permanent traffic control, we offer steel flange-mount bollards to protect your plant, equipment, or parking areas.

We also offer traffic control signage. Our valet sign panels offer secure grip for easier transport, have a rugged rubber base to stay in place, are stackable for easier storage, have withstood rigorous testing, and come in a selection of high-contrast colors. These vertical sign boards are also more stable than traditional folding sandwich-type boards; the rigid shape prevents accidental closures or falling over when bumped or on windy days.

And to protect your valet staff from the elements, Valet Box sells commercial-grade valet umbrellas that fit into the holders on our valet podiums. With a generous 9 foot reach, these durable shades will keep your parking operation running all year long, through hot summer days and wet winters.

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Valet Box is the leading manufacturer in valet parking equipment offering high strength, welded steel construction podiums and key boxes.

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